DAY 35 - Running Barefoot on Trails Again - Yippee!!

Barefoot jumps with style! Who needs a bike?
Got my barefoot trail running fiyah fix on today! My husband and I dropped off the kids at our local KidsPark and went for a barefoot trail run. I laughed so hard on this run. This was a chill run. No pushing it. Just having fun. We explored and goofed off. I had the best time ever.

We've had an unusual amount of rain lately. It left these trails washed out and obscenely muddy in some places. So in addition to the regular horse poop hazards and poison oak, there were also post holes, decomposed granite washouts, and water ponds. Yeah. Lots of water ponds. I probably should have wore my swimsuit. There were lots of fun muddy spots to squish through as well. And the best part? The secret jumps the fringe mountain bikers left behind. I couldn't resist. I had to run a woop. Oh yeah. BMXers watch out. This girl's got some serious style!

Did I mention we had fun? We totally did.

We weren't even a half a mile into our run when the trail turned into this:

After conquering the pond I practiced my ninja moves on some unsuspecting poison oak...

Karate chop the poison oak!
And so began our morning run. My favorite bit? The sand. Like ecstacy. So soft and lovely.


So my husband was a serious trooper for this run. Dude bucked up and ran barefoot again. It was harder on his feet this time. The decomposed granite was painful in spots and then this happened...

I know I should have been a little more empathetic. Milkweed is some serious thornage, but I'm a total sucker for slapstick and that was just funny! I nearly peed my pants laughing. He was a really good sport about it.

So we finished the day with lunch and I even got one of Seth's late afternoon workovers in. I completed a 500M row at 2:31 pace, a 400 m row 2:41 pace, a 300m row 2:21 pace, 3 rounds of 10 lunges, a 50 lb. deadlift, 20 air squats, 10 knees to chest on the pull-up bar, and 30 hip raises. This was actually a pretty light workout compared to my monday and wednesday punishments. Thanks to my brilliant self (Ok. So it looks like the lightbulb in my brain still needs to be changed) I messed up on my jumping pull-ups on wednesday and made it REALLY hard on myself. Yeah. I did thirty jump-up-to-the-bar-because-you-can't-quite-reach-then-pull-yourself-up pull-ups which have rendered my arms useless and stuck in a slightly bent position. Seriously. I gotta work on this propensity to punish myself. I'm still learning what I can and can't do and what my limits are with this whole strength training thing.

Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow kayaking with Team M.I.L.F.F. Hmmmmm. Maybe we need another shirt? I can't resist a good pun that's a little naughty. Wet M.I.L.F.Fs would be perfect! 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. So did you have fun? :-)
    I love barefoot mud runs. Our ancestors were seriously onto something and then Nike came along.
    You call that a light workout? What is your heavy workout like?

  2. you are a machine! Love it :)
    I like the Wet MILFFs! Very funny!!!

  3. That's a pretty serious workout!
    Sounds like such a great run. And I loved your video! I was all excited to see the tadpole and then Ouch! I would have laughed too. I can't wait for drier weather and the sun to appear!

  4. great stuff, sometime i wish I wasnt so wimpy about going barefoot

  5. Gotta tell ya, the title of the blog.. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Watch out for the poop!!

  6. @Chris - not everyone can be a masochist like me, but barefoot on grass or sand is really heavenly no matter how little you run barefoot. Give it a shot sometime. You might get hooked. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Mamarunsbarefoot - Thanks so much for reading! I've been told horse poop is soothing to the feet, I'm just not brave enough to test that theory. :-)


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