The Hazards of Barefoot Running

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As it turns out, the hazards of barefoot running aren't as bad as you might think. OK. So stepping on a four-pronged goathead may be a little less than ideal, but after running barefoot for close to two months now, stepping on sharp and pointy stuff hasn't been much of an issue. That being said, I have, however, discovered my first mysteriously elusive embedded object. You're probably wondering, embedded? I know. Its wrong. Things just shouldn't be embedding themselves in my foot for me to find them days later. I should feel them jab me and pull it out right away. I guess this is both an advantage and disadvantage to barefoot running. The soles of my feet are getting thicker so I may not feel things poke me and thus may stupidly walk, or even run on them, for days before even realizing that there's something sharp and jabby lodged into my trotters.

So I found this "thing" today right below my big toe on the ball of my foot. It was a little swollen and sore so I dug around the point of entry (or at least what I thought was the point of entry) and didn't find much. I pulled some skin off and tried to extract what I thought might have been the tip of a very small and almost invisible thorn, but I couldn't tell if I got anything out. I'm leaving it be for now and am hoping whatever it is will work its way out. We'll see. In the meantime, at least its raining so I think I'll sit my lazy ass down on the couch and have another beer.
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  1. First, I'm glad you found my blog! Very happy to connect with you. You live very near where I grew up (Grass Valley) and where my folks still live (GV and Sacramento). I have a few Dailymile friends who live near you and at least one VFF runner (Shanon - he's a dude. I know, it's weird).

    Now, about your post ... very familiar tale! I have encountered several things after the fact stuck in my feet that I didn't know (or wasn't sure) were there. I suspect I have several in there still. The worst was a very small, roughly square piece of glass stuck in my heel. I even went to the doctor about that one but he didn't want to dig around. They took an x-ray and say nothing, so I went about my merry way. A good week to 10 days later it was still bugging me, so I just dug around in there with tweezers and a needle until I finally pulled the little bastard out!

    So barefoot running is NOT without hazards, but neither is running in shoes, or life in general, so as long as it keeps being great fun, I'm gonna keep at it.

    Maybe we'll get to run together someday. Till then, see you around the interwebs.

  2. Hi michael! Funny, I know Shanon through daily mile. That seems to be where all my BF & minimalist friends are. Either that or on Barefoot Runners Society. I have yet to meet any of those people in person though. They've been a wealth of support and infor for me. Glad to connect with you as well. This BF transition has been a blast. A bit of the unexpected as well, but nevertheless a blast. I'll be reading your blog for sure so I'll see you around!


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