DAY 13 - Dirty MILFFs and Mud Runs

Shoes and shirt are costume enough for this race.
I highly recommend a happy hour hot tub therapy session for any embedded objects that are as elusive as mine was. After about three vodka and lemonades and some chill time with my girlfriends in a 100 degree hot tub I was amazed to find that the invisible thorn/glass/thingy is gone. This made my 5.3 mile run today all the more enjoyable since I had some major work to do in fixing my form. I've been struggling with correct form in my VFFs and today I borrowed some more ideas from my friends at Barefoot Runner's Society to fix my form and guess what? It totally worked. Someone posted a thread on cadence and so I tried to pay attention to my turnover. I still can't seem to find any music to match the 180 beats per minute minimum that would help me, but apparently my 170 bpm is acceptable. I also concentrated on "peddling" my feet like a bicycle so I ensured that I picked them up properly. Seemed to work. Imagine me wiping the sweat from my brow. I had no knee pain or hip pain today. YAY!

Dirty Moms Igniting a Love For Fitness
I'm relieved that I was able to get things sorted out out because I have decided to run my very first "minimal" race on Halloween! I originally signed up to run the Warrior Dash, but they moved the venue which was way too far to drive (I'm pretty burnt on driving since making the trek to Oregon recently) so my friends and I switched to the close-to-home option, The Merrell Down and Dirty Run. Unfortunately, this race does NOT offer free beer at the end. WTF? However, I'm pretty excited about this being my first minimalist race, ever, but still have my reservations about it. Not only is it a trail run (Ummm. Confession. I haven't really been running trails since starting barefoot running), but there is going to be LOTS of mud. No. I mean LOTS of mud since the weather forecast on sunday is... rain. Not to mention there are designated mud pits that you have to submerge yourself in. Actually, I love the idea of mud. It sounds like a blast. I even redesigned out team shirts to match with the mud theme. We're not just M.I.L.F.F.s we are Dirty M.I.L.F.F.s for this race. I'll have to cross out the Warrior Dash part on the back since mine was already printed and ordered from Customized Girl months ago. Oh well. So be it. And I don't think I can even post what the "backside" of the shirt says because then I may need to re-categorize this blog as "adult content" and ask your age. Hmmmmmm. I can hear the wheels in your head squeeking. 

Well, as long as my feet hold up in mud, my form stays consistent, and I don't get kicked out of the race for the mud hole pun on the back of my shirt (Oops. Now you know.) things should be good on Sunday. So please, wish me luck. I'll need it from all my fellow virtual BF/minimalist running friends out there. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. If you are looking for stuff with exactly a 180 cadence, try the PodRunner or MotionTrax Podcasts. They are mostly techno or tribal stuff, but they tell you the bpm and keep it through the run. They helped me when I was trying to improve my cadence. Though I still go more like 170 than the 180 recommended.

  2. C-Dog! Thanks so much for following me! Its nice to have the support of the BFR community since I don't know any of them personally. Sadly, I have yet to run into a BF or minimalist runner up here in NorCal.

    The techno and tribal stuff actually sounds great! Maybe I can sneak a few of those tracks in with the rest of my stuff and when my form starts to get all whacked I can play one of those. Thanks for the info!

  3. I'm in Norcal (Mountain House), and I have turned a few friends on to running, and running in Vibram's specifically for them. I actually prefer Barefoot myself. Good luck on your Mud run, and try the tracks next time.

  4. Hey, my hubby downloaded a metronome app to my iPhone that he used to set the 180 bpm. I prefer PodRunner and whatever the stuff is that Robert Ullrey uses for his C25K training programs.

    Doing anything normal like driving or cooking dinner, techno and tribal would never be my choice but they are really FUN to run to, although since going BF I like silence. I used one of the Ullrey podcasts on the treadmill the other night and it made the treadmill pretty bearable, not that I'm planning on getting back on that dead horse any time soon.

    I love the t-shirt. I wish there were trails around here. It sounds like fun. I'm about 3 hours from anything even close to that.

  5. Peg - Saw you over at BRS. Its good seeing you here!

    I'm not familiar with Robert Ullrey so I'll have to google him. I checked out a few of the tracks C-Dog mentioned and they sound like they would work. You're right. Some of the techno and tribal stuff might drive me batty at any other time other than running, but I can totally see how it could get my cadence whipped back into shape.

    I'm old school and still use one of the old nano ipods so I don't have the luxury of apps on an iphone. Oh well.

    Glad you like the shirt. Its been fun to design!

  6. Whats with the awesome sleeves on your legs?? Are those socks with the feet cut off? I must get some!
    Hope you are well :)

  7. Angie - Yup. Not quite cold enough for the tights so I wore shorts and threw some knee high socks on (obviously with the feet cut out.) You've got to make your own fashion when you're barefoot. ;-)


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