DAY 7 - Turning Point

Photo by Stefan Gustafsson
I really felt like I turned a corner today. Finally. I'm sure I have further to go, but I felt like my run today was the best barefoot run I've had since beginning my journey just four weeks ago. It was also the longest at 1.9 miles. No hip pain. No calf pain. No blisters. Just a steady, decent run. Awwwwwwyeah.

Tried to run shodded after barefooting, but just running in place with my running shoes I felt my hip starting to act up so I threw off my blocks and decided to take my VFFs for a test drive. The left was good, but I had to squeeze two toes into one toe hole in the right foot to make it bearable. Looks like I will be doing some modifications this weekend.

After trying out my VFFs, I'm glad I transitioned sans the minimalist shoes in the beginning. There's a lot of feedback that I get from running barefoot that I don't feel in the minimalist shoes. I find that I can be heavy footed in the VFFs and really have to focus on running lightly and lifting my legs. I think I will continue to run naked from the ankle down as much as possible. Its an amazing feeling. Like being a kid again.
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