Free Tee Giveaway - Are you ready?

I'm giving away my shirt!
Wanna free shirt? Sure you do. Honestly, I've subjected you to enough of my flim flam these days you deserve a little something for free and it's seriously been FOREVER since my last Zaps Threads giveaway.

I just finished putting three of my latest Zaps Threads designs up on my Spreadshirt site - The Stupid Miles, the Ultra Warrior, and the Ultra Runner tee designs. If you want one of these, or any one of my myriads of other designs you see here you will have to enter this giveaway... NOW. Seriously, folks, those Stupid Miles tees have been stupidly popular and I would hate for you to miss out on getting one for free.

Zaps Threads Men's Ultra Warrior Tee
So if you haven't had a chance to buy a shirt from me in person at one of the events I vended at this year - and trust me, that once-in-a-lifetime awesome experience is much better than the online one, usually involving a free shot, free beer, a special cookie or just my charming personality which you should take full advantage of should you ever find yourself in close proximity to the Born To Run Ultras, She Rocks the Trails, or possibly Way Too Cool next year - then let's not forget that here's an opportunity to get your hands on my shirt for FREE. Ok maybe not *my* shirt cuz that could get me into trouble, but one of my exclusively designed ultra running tees that I've worked my ass off to conceive, design, and produce, mostly to keep myself sane. It's what I do. 

Zaps Threads Men's Ultra Runner Tee
So I won't keep you from your coffee, or work, or sleep, or whatever else you're multitasking with at the moment for much longer - and for pete's sake if you're driving put the fucking phone down!! Here are the details:

1) Go like Zaps Threads on Facebook (if you haven't already).

2) Tweet, Facebook, or use some other social network to share this giveaway and be sure to use any of the following hashtags : #stupidmiles, #ultrarunning, #giveaway, or #freeshirt in the post.

3) Come back here and leave a comment and tell me how you shared this giveaway.

4) Please don't double post. Lets keep it fair, folks.

That's it! Then check back here for the winners which I will pick in about a week or so. Good luck! 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. Posted on FB. #stupidmiles love your stuff!

  2. Shared on Twitter:

  3. Posted on Facebook & Twitter.

  4. Tweetered!

  5. Twited it....

  6. Shared a link on Barefoot Inclined on Facebook.. :-)

  7. Posting on behalf of Clinitlikesbeer who tweeted my giveaway and then effen blogger ate his comment.

  8. Posted on FB and Twitter. And I liked your page before it was even cool to like it. :) I hope to see you at BTR 2015, friend!!!!

  9. already liked on FB... posted the giveaway on Fb and Twitter

  10. Already liked on Facebook, shared on both twitter and Facebook. Awesome stuff.

  11. liked, shared, tweeted

  12. Aloha Krista, FB liked and all that hashtag shiiit / Love zombie pacer/ Cya on the trails sometime/ Aloha

  13. Liked on Facebook, Tweeted on Twitter with all the Hashtags, and now crossing my fingers to win! Thanks for the chance!

  14. Shared on G+ because I loath FB. Great shirts! Gotta run!


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