The Christmas That Sucked

The perfect snot factory hat!
To say the holidays sucked would be an understatement. I was down for the count for six whole days starting the friday before Christmas. A relentless fever, splitting headache, piercing cough and a whole bagful of personal emotional shit that I'm not prepared to go into detail about. 

I was registered to run an ultra Fat Ass the weekend after New Years so I did. And I didn't. I only ran 15 miles of it because, well, it sucked too. Literally. In more ways than one. I wasn't fully recovered from the plague" (as some of my facebook buds are calling it) and most of the trail was a muddy mess either by the mud itself or by my snot rocket factory. I was glad Alex, my running partner, tolerated my incessantly emptying my sinus cavity every ten feet.

So... ridiculous mud again. WTF? I have a knack for picking the muddiest runs over the last couple months. I guess that's what I get for not actually registering for the Merrell Down and Dirty last year. The running gods want me good and caked in the muckiest of earth. Normally, I don't mind mud, but it seems that every run I've done since November (including the few training runs I've done) have had endless amounts of it. This puts wear and tear on my shoes. In fact, I was so desperate for a non-muddy pair of shoes to run in recently that I threw my Pace Gloves in the wash and dry. ACCHHH!! I think I may have shrunk them! They are currently being stretched back out by a pair of sturdy wool socks. Right now I'm crossing my fingers they'll return to close to normal. We'll see.


So with my motivation gone and my emotional and physical state deteriorating I still managed to do the crazy and insane.

I finally registered for my 100 miler.

Holy crap.

September 14, 2013. Pine to Palm 100 miles from Williams Oregon to Ashland Oregon.

I couldn't even run more than 15 miles last Sunday. I'm so stoked.

And I'm half scared and half laughing right now (more like I'm in a straight jacket sort of way.) I've got a good 8-9 months to train which is my only peace of mind at this point, but I'm in such a bad place right now that I'm worried my demons will come back to haunt me and my confidence will be detonated by 15 kiloton of TNT. (Sidebar: Here's where I admit that my kids play Mindcraft... you know... creepers and zombies and lots of explosives...and yes... I used that geeky reference to 15 kiloton which is equivalent to 15,000 blocks arranged in a 25x25x25 cube in the game. Those boys get their geekiness from their mama.)

Shit. I'm so fucked.

At any rate, I pulled the trigger. I'm committed now so I will do everything I can to be on the starting line next September and complete the damn thing. Eventually, I'll get over my funk and get back to the fiyah. I hope.

In the meantime, I've got to do some giveaways soon.

My Zaps Tees were popular enough this holiday season to earn me enough money for another FREE SHIRT GIVEAWAY! I guess I better start designing.

Super cool Hoo-rag Buff.
I also mentioned before that I intend to do a Hoo-rag giveaway here on my blog because the dudes at Hoo-rag were super cool and hooked me up. I love their product whether it be for running, skiing, riding or snot wiping. I forgot to bring an extra along on last weekend's run. I could have used it!

So I plan to share the Hoo-rag love with ya'll in an upcoming post. I gotta get my act together first, but keep checking back. I should be doing this giveaway within the next couple weeks.

And because the Hoo-rag is such a versatile product I plan on sharing a few ways they can be used so if you have any interesting ways you've used the buff before feel free to share it in a comment and I will try to include those ideas in the upcoming post.

Hope you guys had a better holiday than I did. Someone had to.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. The Christmas that Sucked. Kind of like The Year Without Santa Claus. Only suckier.

  2. I had the same plague you did... from the day after Christmas until the day after the New Year. I'm just now back to real running form.

    Good luck with the Hundo training. It's on my list, but first I need to get a 50 under my belt.

    1. Oh no! So sorry you had the plague too, but I'm glad you've recovered back to running form. :-)

  3. me too-I can SO relate.I ran 6.3miles this am and my calves hurt!! I feel like I am starting all over.. If you had what I had you were in no shape to do that race yet.You will rock it by next fall!!! I have no doubt you will overcome this!!! HUGS!

    1. Thanks Sally! I hope so. I will do my best to get myself there. A scary distance, but I'm ready to give it a shot!


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