Blue/White Hoo-rag Bandana Giveaway!

Hoo-rag ear warmer and another one of 
my crazy ideas.
It seems I've been a bit MIA lately. As much as I wish my silence were imbued with the confidence of scheming to take over the world ...mmwhahahaha!... um... it's not. Not even close. Sadly, I've been dealing with emotional withdrawal and some pretty heavy personal stuff which I hope I have the guts to write about on here someday. On top of that, my active blogging agenda has been temporarily hijacked by accounting for our small business - the boring year end taxes, 1099s, balancing, and software updates. Not much to be inspired by. Oh well. At least I got a few good runs in. One of those was all about the fiyah and the other was all about the beer. Well... OK. So technically they were both about the fiyah so things are looking up in that department.

(BTW- if you're wondering what I'm holding in my hand in that pic to the right I'll reveal it at the end of this post.)

Now, do you remember me mentioning a giveaway?

Well, I did. And its here so prepare yourselves.

Cocoa Bloomz Hoo-rag

I ordered a Hoo-rag seamless bandana back in November (remember my Favorite Things for Running post? I wear the "buff" to carry my phone when I run. Its the same concept.) After waiting several weeks with no visit from brown Santa (that's what we call the UPS guy around here. Btw - the UPS dude here lets the kids deliver the packages. How's that for a little subcontracted child labor? The kids love it because they get to climb up in the truck and the UPS dude loves it cuz... well he doesn't have to get out. Smart man.)

Oh I love my tangents... carrying on...

I finally contacted Hoo-rag via email to find out what was up with my delivery.

Tarpon Tango Hoo-rag
Then I ended up talking to Doug on the phone for about an hour. Not because I was pissed or he couldn't help me, but because dude was really cool. I asked him about the business, how it was going, talked to him about the designs and some of their latest stuff. They had just completed some motorcycle inspired designs and were in the process of releasing the new bandanas.

I just really loved talking to the guy. He was totally chill and pretty chatty. Even though I had only ordered one Hoo-rag Doug told me he would send me any three that I wanted as an apology for messing up my order. Nice! So he totally hooked me up. That's some seriously awesome customer service.

In addition I told him I was a blogger and was trying to find a product giveaway that I could genuinely get behind - you know, something that I really use and would recommend and would WANT you to have. So he offered to send me a handful of hoo-rags to give away.

Hence the point of this post. So... I intend to do this in three separate giveaways since they gave me three different colors: Pink/White, Blue/White, and Black/White.

Hoo-rag Bandana Giveaway Colors
The cool thing about these bandanas is that they can be used in endless ways. I prefer to use them around my waist to carry my phone, keys, gloves, or small flashlight while I run. I've sprinted with my phone in the back of one of these and never once lost it. I do it all the time. But, I've also used them to carry my Luna Sandals once on a barefoot run, wore it around my head as an ear warmer and have wrapped it around my hand to use as a snot-wiper. I know. Gross. But, when you're just as inept at snot rockets as you are at jumping rope without hitting your head you need backup. Just sayin'.
Hoor-rag running snot rag

My friend, Jesse Scott wore one of these bandana buffs filled with ice around his neck for the Tahoe Rim 100 miler during the heat of the afternoon. It held the ice nicely and kept Jesse cool for quite some time.

So you see, these little badass bandanas are super duper versatile. You really should have one.

No really. I insist. *grin*

(I will be giving these away two at a time so that means I will pick TWO lucky winners for each giveaway.)

This Hoo-rag giveaway will be for the Blue/White Bandana.

. . . . . . . . . . .

So here are the rules if you want in on the action to win a Blue/White Hoo-rag bandana...

1) Go like Hoo-rag on Facebook. 

2) Go like KMCREATIVE on Facebook. Hey. Support your small business dreamers (me) who give their souls, their first born, and practically all our earnings to the government. 
3) Come back here and leave a comment. Any random comment. I don't care. Talk about what you had for breakfast, the state of the economy in China, or how great sex was last night. Bore me or entertain me. Either way you will have officially entered my giveaway.

4) If you win a Hoo-rag, you don't get to enter again to win another. Sorry.

That's it! Then check back here for the winners which I will pick on Sunday, February 3rd. 
. . . . . . . . . . . 
And if you read through all that and you're still curious what I was holding in that first pic, then I'm impressed I was able to keep your attention for this long. Ha!

A cold 23 degree early 10 miler up in the foothills required that I come up with a handy-dandy way to keep my circulation-challenged toes warm (I think I may possibly have Reynaud's). My ski boot toe warmers were the perfect solution, but I didn't want to wear them inside my Merrell Pace Gloves so...

I wore them on top!

It wasn't pretty, but it worked! At least for the first mile or so when one of them fell off. But I was able to stay un-numb until my body had a chance to warm up so I was a happy girl. My friends thought I was a little weird. I thought they looked like maxi pads and laughed at myself. But you can't argue with success no matter what it looks like.
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. I love to read your blogs!!

  2. Speaking of maxi pads, Hoorags sounds like something I don't really want to wear on my head.....but I will if I win!! :)

    1. Hahaha! I know. I thought the same thing, but then I got over it. :-) Now I rock the rag with pride.

  3. I bin wantin' me a Hoo-rag sumthin' fierce! Bad enough that I would even take the pink one (and I am SO not a pink girl). And I'll support another barefooter for sure!

  4. I love my Buff. I'm sure I could use a Hoo-rag.

  5. I follow you and Hoo Rag on Facebook as Dani Freeman. I have Raynaud's. I also have a whole bag of hand/foot warmers in my car at any time.

  6. Im hoping i get one so i can sympathize with my wife and be "on the rag". Not a pleasant thought while running, but whatever. Oh, I also liked all the pages too, just in case you are checking or really care.

  7. We're awaiting the man in brown too!

  8. There's a lot of cool ideas for using these Hoo-rags, i would love to win one so I can try them out : )

  9. I tried to comment once, not sure where it went. Long story short, my wife outs up with, and supports, my running problem. And...the sex is amazing. Muawhahaha!

    1. Dude. That's awesome. I suppose if she has to put up with your running problem then the sex had better be amazing. Ha!

  10. Are we in on the give-away living in Broome, West Australia?
    Muesli, yoghurt with fresh mangos for breakfast...

    1. Sure. If you win, I'll ship it to ya. Yum! I love mangos!

  11. I'm impressed that you've found yet another new use for the Hoo-rag. Also, your blog name is very catchy; Good job:)

  12. Thanks for the Hoo-rag,it arrived today so I will be wearing it tomorrow for my early morning run :-)

    1. Glad it arrived safe and sound! Have fun on your run tomorrow!


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