Run In Peace Micah True

As an agnostic I don't believe in a God, but I do believe that in our death we still hold the potential to create meaning and make a difference. One soul cannot leave this earth without making a mark on it.

If you've been following the news lately, you may have heard that Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco) the ultra-runner and race director of the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon was found deceased after four days in the Gila National Forest. He left for a twelve mile run and never came back. I've never met the man, (he was one person who I was hoping I would have the opportunity to meet at some point in my running adventures) but from what I've heard he was a genuine soul and good friend to a lot of people.

In January, Micah True wrote these words on his facebook page:

"If I were to be remembered for anything at all, I would want that to be that I am/was authentic. No Mas. Run Free!"
To honor Micah True on his next journey one of his friends suggested making a donation to the Raramuri. What a beautiful idea... 
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  1. Very sad -- When I heard he was missing I was hoping he would be found safe. :(

  2. After reading "Born to Run", I couldn't help but feel intrigued by Caballo. He certainly did things his way though. Too bad. I wonder what happened.

  3. Ken,
    He was yet another character in the ultra running community that I was hoping to meet one day. I'm so sorry I will never get to do that.

    So far they don't know exactly what happened. I do know that he was found with his feet in a creek and his water bottle by his side. Makes me wonder if he was injured and knew that he wouldn't be able to get back on his own two feet.

    I've been reading the FB status' of mutual FB friends and found out that his body was pulled out of the Gila Wildnerness on a stretcher by a white horse (which is a beautiful tribute whether intended or not) and that it sounds like his pooch is sad and missing his friend.

    Its apparent the ultra community that was close to him is deeply affected by this loss. Its hard not to feel some of that sadness radiate from the inner circle. He was a much loved man.

    1. Hey Krista,

      Thanks for the info on Micah. I wonder if they'll ever figure out what happened. I don't know if you remember from one of my old posts, but a friend of mine died several years ago while out running with me and a few other friends. It really hits home when things like this happen, but at least he was doing what he loved to do.

  4. Sure, a mark that will be quickly forgotten.
    If you're an agnostic and take the hardline position that there is ultimately no purpose and that life is essentially just a random movement of particles (or particles in fields) then it is ultimately absurd.

    Can't have it both ways.

    1. Tim - actually, I can have it both ways. :-) I'm an agnostic theist (some people might call me an agnostic realist). A different animal than an atheist or pure agnostic. I believe that there is SOMETHING bigger and more powerful than ourselves beyond our knowledge. Since Agnosticism deals with knowledge as opposed to faith I believe that the existence of gods is possible but recognize that in our form as humans we can't know for sure.

      And apart from my actual religious beliefs I do believe that historically, spiritually and with some kind of meaning, every individual leaves their mark on this earth... some people may only touch the life of one person in this world (such as the unborn child I lost at 4 months in utero) and others touch the lives of many people as in Micah's case.

      Thanks for the reply, man. You helped me clarify a few things. :-)


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