Video Update - Surgery Scheduled

Sorry for the boring update. My barefoot running journey is starting to be hijacked by all this crappy health stuff. I promise I will find some time to write my review about the paleo diet and possibly post a new T-shirt design soon!

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  1. Have a wonderful time on your long run tomorrow! I hope it is the utmost fun and cleansing for you.

  2. Oh yeah and you are so pretty :) Its weird to hear peoples voices for real after having read your voice in my head a certain way.

  3. Awwwwww... thank you, Angie. It's fun finding out what people really look and sound like after reading so much about them, isn't it? I remember thinking the same about you when I saw your video on your blog a while back. :-)

    I will definitely have a good run tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with your procedure on Tuesday. Also, taking that long run with your friend sounds like a great thing.

    You actually sound a little better than you did the other day.

    I have a funny story to share with you aka your comment on my blog about funny things while running. A number of years ago, several of my friends were running the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving with me. One of them had the great idea to pants the other at the top of the hill from behind. About 10,000 people run this race. Anyway, my friend pulled down and my other friend tripped but managed to keep from falling. Only the people immediately behind them noticed anything. Luckily, he was wearing underwear.

    I hope you had a good long run today.

  5. I've been really thinking about you lately. I'm glad to hear that the one was benign. It's too bad the surgery has to be so invasive, but it will be good to know one way or the other. You seem so calm and in control. I hope your run went well. Know that I am thinking of you!

  6. Oh, and will you let me know when you shirts go on sale again? I missed it this time. And I'm excited for a hint of some new designs! You are really talented!

  7. Ken - that must have been hilarious to watch! Yeah. My incident was less than graceful. I guess my phone was heavy enough to pull my pants down far enough for embarrassment. Not sure if the person behind me saw. I think they were pretty far back.

    Jen - thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. :-) I'm doing good so far. Still zen, but eagerly anticipating getting this surgery over with and finding out more information. I go in tomorrow morning at 9:30am. Arggggh. I will be sure to let you know when the next sale is!

  8. Haven't heard the video yet (too noisy where I'm working), but getting better is the most important thing, blogging and running can and will wait.
    Take care

  9. I can so relate to what you are going through. I went through similar stuff last year. Big hugs to you and be strong. Feel free to send me a private email if you feel like talking more. ewa.bialkowski at

  10. Thank you Eoin and Ewa! Its good to finally be past the surgery part, now. I just have to wait, patiently for results. Doing good, still.


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