A New Shirt and Crossfit Workovers

My new BRS T-shirt - Thanks Angie!
Angie over at Barefoot Angie Bee sent me a shirt to review for her. How could I refuse? Its free stuff and it sports the logo of my fave group of people over at Barefoot Runner's Society. I was more than happy to help her out. The BRS are an awesome group of people. Apparently this shirt was printed through CafePress. Its not made out of tech material but instead a regular cotton blend, but I was impressed with the quality of the shirt. It was nice and soft. The color is a vibrant turquoise which I really like. There's no way a white t-shirt would last long in my house. Even this one has already acquired its first stains thanks to my youngest son. The printing on the shirt was well done, not faded, and it was nice and centered. The sizing was perfect. Not too long or bulky. I prefer the slim-fitting t-shirts and can't stand baggy or big. This was obviously a women's fit and it was really comfortable. It will get lots of use. As long as I can get those stains out, I might even wear it when I do my next workout. 

Speaking of workouts... or maybe I should call them workovers. Seriously. I'm in a constant state of recovery from these things and I've only done three so far! I'm telling you. I had no idea that only 9 minutes of hard work could hurt this bad. Even two days after! Yesterday I warmed up with 20 burpees, and completed 3 sets of 20 push ups, 20 lunges, 20 sit ups, 20 squats and lastly a 100 yd sprint in my VFFs which was totally off my form. Now, my body feels like its had a full body massage done by elephants. My knee hasn't given me any trouble so far, however my achilles really bugged me on the running part of this workover. Because of this, Seth is having me take a break from my running workouts and concentrate on stretching and icing instead. I think the stretching is helping quite a bit, but like I said, I'm a mess so I've got a lot of work to do.

So stretching is what I will be doing on my rest day tomorrow. Lots of it.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Great shirt! And way to go on the workout!

  2. Thanks guys! I really do like it. Thanks for hooking me up Angie!

  3. Let me know if the new shirt shrinks in the wash. That's what happened to my last BRS shirt. Now it doesn't fit :(

  4. MGBG - so far so good. No shrinkage here. Its on its second round of washing. If it did, it wasn't much. But I prefer the smaller fit anyway. If you don't want much shrinkage, cold water is better - for washing anyway ;-)

  5. Nice shirt! I like the turquoise color too.

    BTW, that workout you did looks intense. Good job!

    I don't want to meddle with Seth's advice, but perhaps if you did a little bit less you could still maintain the running. I'm not surprised that you were sore after the workout though. I've had similar issues and have dialed down the workout somewhat until I got used to it, progressively increased things,and have been able to maintain some running, which is my passion.

    Just a few thoughts.


  6. Ken - Yeah. Actually, those are just my workovers which will ultimately help with my muscle imbalance and help maintain my fitness. Seth has my run workouts mapped out for me as well, however, he's having me take a break from running right now since my achilles is giving me trouble still. He's recommending that I focus on stretching and mobility instead so I won't risk injury. I'm good with that for now.

  7. Well I hope BRS is switching over to CafePress for shirts cause zazzle is pretty bad from what I found out recently. In fact if they continue to use zazzle I don't think I'll ever own a BRS t- shirt cause I won't attempt to do business again with zazzle.

    I've had nothing, but great experience with CafePress.

    Ask Seth to set you up on a tabata drill. !4 minutes of ......

  8. Hey Krista,

    My mistake. I thought the achilles thing might have been precipitated by the workovers.

    BTW, I once took a yoga class. I was probably in the best shape of anyone in the class, but I swear I was the least flexible. That's when I started to stretch more. You've got a good strategy now. Good luck with things.

  9. Butner - yeah. My first workout was tabata squats. Yesterday I completed 112 tabata squats. I felt pretty proud of myself. That's good for me! My quads and butt are crazy sore today, though!


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