Day 31 - Fix me, Please.

My other passion.
Good news. My knotted and tight messed up excuse for a body can be fixed. I met with Seth on Friday and he said he's 100% sure he can fix the issues that may be affecting my running. He's the local crossfit certified trainer in my area that's helping me get all sorted. Dude is the ONLY guy I know in my area with experience in barefoot/minimalist running and he knows his shit. He's an ex marine who served time in Iraq where a back injury threatened his hopes of ever running again. Apparently, he doesn't like it when people tell him "never again." Now he's a minimalist runner who polishes off the occasional ultra or two. I'm thankful I met him. He's my only connection with other barefoot crazies around here.

So first up on the fix-it agenda is my flexibility. Surprise. What he said about that made a lot of sense too. He said "being inflexible is the same as driving around in your car while your parking break is on. It won’t stop you, but it sure as hell puts a ton of wear on the car and requires much more force to get anywhere." Hmmm. Sounds like sage advice to me. So he has me doing mobility WODs everyday so I can work out my issues. He had me do some tabata squats on Friday and I will tell you... my quads were more than just tender the next day, but I could totally feel the difference. He said I was a completely different person after those squats.

The next issue on the fix-it agenda is my running form. I don't lean when running which makes my feet land too far forward putting stress on my IT band. He's having me do some drills that force me to lean by leading with my hips. My inflexible hips. You see the vicious circle here?

So in addition to the mobility WODs and adjusting my running form Seth is going to hook me up with some training for my upcoming triathalon in July. I'll be doing the Eppie's Great Race again. I just signed up with my girlfriend and so it looks like team M.I.L.F.F is back. Its a really fun race. Instead of a swimming leg, there is a kayak leg. Unfortunately this means more logistical headaches on the part of our support team. But I'm a much better kayaker than I am a swimmer so its all good. So as long as I can do the run minimal or barefoot (its only 6 miles) without having any issues I will be a happy girl.
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  1. I'm glad you found someone who can help you. I think inflexibility is one of my weaknesses as well. As well as weak hip and gluteus muscles. But I'm trying to work on all of it.
    Your tri sounds like a big adventure. I like the idea of kayaks. Very cool.
    I got my shirt and I LOVE it! As soon as I get a good picture of it, I'll post all about it. Can you make requests? I'd love the red to be in the bamboo fabric. Think you can pull that off?

  2. Jen,
    I'll have to check to see if they have red in the bamboo. If they do, I'll be sure to let you know. So glad you love it. I love mine!

  3. So many want to heal from injuries. It seems so few want to actually find the root of what caused the injury. Often folks heal, and then some other injury will manifest itself. Cause they did not fix the root of the original problem.

    The body speaks too us in many ways. If we look, feel, and listen. The imbalances are usually clear.

    Congrats on taking charge to work on restoring balance !

  4. I was just rereading Hal Higdon's book, RUNFAST and there's a chapter or two where he talks about running form. I'm going to look a little closer at it. I'm glad you found some assistance with your injury. I strongly believe lack of stretching is a major cause of running injuries and pain.

    BTW, I checked out the Eppie's Great Race website. That looks like a fun event.That kayak leg seems long though -6.5 miles. That'll give your arms and shoulders a good workout.


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