What's New, Stupid Foot?

Can I borrow her foot, please?
It looks fast. 
It's been over a month since I finished that 50 miler and it still feels like there's a piece of gravel embedded deep in my forefoot. I've decided I would embrace a prosthetic right now. Please, I'll buck up and do the gory hacking of my foot off if someone would gladly donate a bionic foot for me. Really. I've had it.

So, obviously, I haven't been running lately. What's new, right?

Instead, I've been vending at local races, working full time, hanging out with my boyfriend Megaphone, taking care of family stuff, and trying to be as consistent as possible with the gym. I miss having goals though, but until my foot is back to normal I don't feel comfortable putting anything out there I can't do right now. This neuroma is unpredictable and I can't say when, if ever, it will be back to it's normal, dormant self.

This fucking sucks.

But oh well. At least I have the gym and its not like I ran much before anyway.

So I will be doing more cerebral things for now, like coming up with a new design for my shirts which I hope to be selling at Way Too Cool again next year. But before that, I will continue to be hostess to my awesome Chill Lounge at some fun local races like perhaps F.U.C1k put on by Singletrack Running - cuz with a race name like that, how could I NOT participate in some way?? Btw, that acronym stands for Foresthill Uphill Challenge 1k and it's happening on Dec 12th at 9am. And if I'm there, you can bet there will be lots of chill and some treats too (think dirty nipples and rice crispy treats - YUM!). So sign up! How hard can a single hill be, right? <insert demonic laughing here>

In the meantime I will try not to eat all the kid's Halloween candy or find more chocolate in my pants.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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