Behind The Thick Red Curtain - The Fate Of My Blog

Possible blog censorship. Like my McRibs?

WOW. I take a three month (ok that could have been more than three) writing hiatus and come back to my blog to see that the world is not round but flat and that WHA??? my blog is on the censorship chopping block? Is this true? According to blogger...

"On March 23rd, Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content." 
I kinda felt like they were pointing the finger at me.

And this...
"If your existing blog has sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video, your blog will be made private after March 23, 2015. No content will be deleted, but private content can only be seen by the owner or admins of the blog and the people who the owner has shared the blog with."
So is this a bad time to post my naked vacation pics?

I guess what this means is... my blog could likely become private very soon. You won't be able to read my nifty little posts or see my Saucy McRibs, or my husband's ass, or those hot naked athletes, or even read about my masturbation adventures - sorry - there were no naked pictures to go with that post.

The saddest thing about this? My public writing space - the space that held me accountable for a lot of what I had to say could be shoved behind a symbolic thick red curtain that says "Perverts Only."

OK. I'll admit to being a little pervy from time to time, but this space has been therapy for me over the years. It's been a place where I could take a risk, push outside my comfort zone, and reveal more than just my thoughts and boring opinions. By publishing my writing and sometimes my photos (for example my bikini photo and Saucy Mcrib shot) to the public sphere, it has forced me into some serious personal contemplations which would often result in some inner discovery and ultimately personal growth. Yeah. If that sounds meaningful, it's because it is.

Admitting in writing that you're going through some shit that could possibly be akin to a midlife crisis is not easy if you know it can be read by anybody in the world. Posting a topless picture of yourself (albeit censored by Saucy McRibs) when your least favorite part of your body is your boobs is a risk when you know just anyone can google "McRib" and get your naked topless shot in all its glory. Even though I censored that shit myself, it was an exercise in acceptance to publish it to the world.

So I guess only time will tell what happens to this blog and this public space beyond March 23rd. I still have more to say, more adventures to share, more naughtiness to post about. I haven't stopped discovering and I refuse to give up my public platform to do that. Hopefully I won't have to. I guess I'll just keep ya'll posted.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Don't cave in to the man!

  2. I got this notice too and I'm not even sure what prompted it! I look forward to ALL your posts


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