Time for Another Hoorag Giveaway!

This giveaway closed 8.13.13
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Alrighty then... are you ready for another giveaway?

The Buff. Also otherwise known as a Hoorag. On occasion it's found as a swag freebie in our race bags. Most runners have no clue what to do with this random piece of fabric.

Wear it on your head?


Wear it around your neck?

 That too.

Wear it as a totally inappropriate hoochie dress? 

Um. Maybe not such a good idea. One word. Chafing. Besides, unless you happen to earn a living wearing clothing that barely covers your love taco I would suggest you use it in less extreme ways. But come to think of it... paired with some killer thigh high, patent leather boots I'm sure it makes a pretty sassy accessory for prostitutes.

But, I happen to wear my buff mostly around my waist like this...

I use it to carry my phone, keys, small flashlights, sunglasses, peanut butter sandwiches, handi-wipes or whatever I happen to need on the trail at any given time. People are always surprised to find out how well the buff works despite its being folded and open on the top. It fits so snugly around your waist that nothing falls out. NOTHING. I've sprinted with my buff on carrying my phone and it never moved, bounced, or fell out.

I'm telling you, this thing is GENIUS! And you might also wanna know that I have no affiliation whatsoever with any companies who produce this brilliant piece of fabric. Really. Its so simple you could probably make one yourself, granted you could find the right sized knit fabric. I would encourage you to do so too. Or... you could just enter my giveaway. *wink*

So... you want one?

I've got two pink/white Hoorags left to give away. Sorry, the black and blue ones are gone...

...and no... these aren't the hoochie dress length ones, girls, so if you're going to wear it as a cheap and dirty substitute for clothing there's probably only enough fabric to cover either your coochie or your hooters. Pick one. But please... try and keep it tasteful and don't send me pictures.

But, in order to enter I have another favor to ask again.

I need you to like Seth and Rick's gym on Facebook. The Ranch Athletics. These guys are freakin awesome!! And although they've been up and running for several months now they could use a little more exposure.

If you're a local runner or athlete (Sacramento area) and have had constant injuries or just want to be faster, or stronger, or train for something bigger or harder they are The Dudes. Seriously. Word is getting out about this gym. They have their shit together and they specialize in athletes. Oh and they will work their own asses off for you. I know this because that's what they've been doing for me for the past couple years or so (before they even opened their training facility). And trust me. I'm not easy to train. Before meeting Seth, I would have never dreamed of signing up for a hundred miler. In fact, a half marathon scared me. I didn't have the strength, the endurance, the confidence or the guts to even attempt an ultra. And I was always injured and had a myriad of foot and hip problems. I was such a mess.

Boy. I've come a long way.

These guys will train you. You, your body, your mind, your confidence. 

All of it.

And they're really good guys.

I know I talk a lot about them and I hope it doesn't sound over-gushing cuz I really hate gush. If there's anything I hate its syrupy compliments and butt-kissing. I won't go on about something unless its genuine and I believe in it. So you know these guys are for real.

Here are the "official" rules:
1) Go like Hoo-rag on Facebook (if you haven't already).

2) Go like The Ranch Athletics on Facebook.

3) Come back here and leave a comment and tell me what your next athletic (or non-athletic) goal in life is.

That's it! Then check back here for the winners which I will pick in about a week or so. Good luck!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. K the hoochie dress is a totally appropriate way to wear it! Well for attractive ladies I would say so...liked liked and my next athletic goal is to look in the mirror and not go "how did this happen?"

  2. Liked them both. :) My next goal is to complete a full marathon.

  3. No opinion on whether it can be a nice tight kilt for men?

    1. I think this is a brilliant idea! Maybe Krista's husband would model that option for us?

    2. The people have spoken. Make it so.

  4. Liked both on FB (although I already follow Seth).

    Next goal - have my long overdue ankle surgery in a month and kick off 2014 with WTC, WS Training Runs, WS Pacer and TRT50K (why start off small eh?). :)

  5. That sounds like what I need. I just recently started running again. I have never been a runner but I decided that I want a runner's body. I have been doing P90X for the last 3 weeks (this is my fourth round) and I am not happy with the lack of cardio. That and running gets me away from the kids. ;) However, as I was running the other day, I feel like I am flopping all sorts of stuff around - not just the stuff I tuck into my sports bra either. And frankly, I use Endomondo to track my mileage and carrying my phone in my hand is kind of annoying. This would be a grand lifesaver for me! So, I guess my next athletic goal is to learn to like running. This little gadget might actually help! :)

  6. I love free stuff...presents, mostly...but since I abandoned Facebook over a year ago, I won't be entering the contest. But I just have to tell you, how much I absolutely love your blog and how much you make me laugh! Love taco??! That is the greatest thing I've heard all week! And you are looking buff girl! Damn. Nice job on the muscles.

  7. I am working toward a half marathon in the fall as my next major short term goal. I already run that distance pretty regularly (weekly), but want to turn in a good time. I have several 5Ks and 10Ks under my belt already. Not bad for a 56yr old grandfather who was 80lbs overweight last November, and has lost over 50lbs in the interim. My REAL goal is to drop the remaining 30lbs and run a full 26.2 next year.

  8. My goals in the close future are to become a stronger runner (and injured less), do more cross fit, and complete a 50 miler next year. Good luck on your Hundo!!

    ~crystal hopson (FTR buddy)

  9. Liked them both... My next athletic goals are to build back up to a half marathon (and then beyond) and to compete in powerlifting. Maybe November, maybe spring.

  10. I want one I want one!!! My next goal is my first 50K at the end of Oct. I have 1/2 a 10 mile race, and 2 trail races to get there by Oct! Good luck on your hundo!!I know you will rock it!! So glad to hear hoorags hold stuff and it doesn't fall out! I never knew that!!

  11. Both liked! My next goal is to complete ROTS 50k wearing my very own hoo-ha rag!

    Kirk from ftr

  12. Both liked! My next goal is to get my daughter into a running stroller so I can take her out on my runs! (not as ambitious as some of the others above, but hey, at least its honest right?)


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