Thank You Dear Readers

I've been on the fence lately. But before I get into that I just want to thank you, dear readers, for even spending one minute on my blog. Whether you're reading, ogling the naked pics, commenting or doing whatever you do when you're here, you are seriously appreciated. Really.

THaNk YoU!!! 

I guess I was in denial people actually read my blog. Apparently you do and according to my stats you are spending more than just a few brief seconds. We're talking a whole eight minutes per pageview on average. Wow. Either you're really slow readers or I'm just that interesting. Or (and this is more likely) those pages have naked people on them. But regardless of why you spend more than a nanosecond here, that just makes me feel so thankful, because really, I never expected people would care about my barefoot trail running fiyah!, my nerdy thoughts on women and strength, or even my way-too-honest confessions about my uncoordinated mobility and "flexibility" adventures. Yeah. Its good to know people still read my shit even after I've laid it all on the line, embarrassed myself and gave up some very awkward and intimate details. I'm grateful for that. Thank you.

Because of its relative popularity, friends have suggested that I leverage my blog for sponsorship, advertising or product reviews. Running Naked on Sharp and Pointy Stuff (what's the name of that blog???) started out as a journaling space to track my transition from shod to barefoot so that I could look back on my progress and evaluate my own successes and failures. Somewhere along the way this space also became a safe place for me to explore subjects that were taboo and well beyond my comfort zone. Although I'm sure it seems like it sometimes, I don't blog for attention. I also don't blog for money or free shit. I just don't want a load of crap taking up space in my closet.

That being said, I've decided to open my blog up a little in regards to relevant reviews, marketing, sponsorships, etc. I'm still going to be very picky, though, so don't expect to see a flood of that shit on my blog anytime soon. And I will NEVER compromise my much-too-honest-its-almost-scary opinions. I don't care if a company wants to pay me a million bucks to review their fabulously crappy product, I will never tweak my honest opinion for money.

(Ok. I *might* consider writing a positive view for a million bucks, but you'll definitely know about it.)

I'm looking forward to "formally" reviewing a very useful product soon. You won't be surprised to know that this product review requires a blogger with no shame or modesty. I feel I meet those requirements. Afterall, this product will require that I talk about my girl parts. I think I can handle that.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Awesome I am glad you are expanding. I will be excited to see what it is your reviewing...I say hey when the sun shines make hay..if you can make money with your blog go for it!

    1. Or is it "make hay where the sun don't shine" in this case?

  2. Good work Krista. Your efforts are paying off...I know you won't become a corporate shill...but see if you can get a beer sponsorship of some sort and share with your friends (me).

    Hey, haven't you already reviewed your girl parts in another blog entry?

    1. Trust me, Matt. I'm working on that beer sponsorship since it seems I probably drink more beer than run these days... hahahaah!

      My friend Patrick Sweeney ( ) inspires me. He's sponsored by Stone. Dude is totally hooked up!

      And no. I did not review my girl parts in another post. That was about my total incompetence with using them. I would need to label this blog as adult content if I actually did a review on my girl parts alone.

  3. We keep reading because you do lay it on the line... nothing better than straight up "this is how it is" :-)

  4. what happened with the background? i can't read the text.

    1. Uh oh. Sounds like the internet demons are haunting my blog. Dude. I hope you are able to refresh or quit your browser and make it work. If you do, tell me what browser you're viewing in. I'd be interested to know.

  5. Hell, I'm reading to see if you post another drunken video...the last one was outstanding...RP


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