Three Girls, A Cocktail, and Skype

Not that I would be proud of being labeled a "barefoot bad girl,"or maybe I would??? I don't know. Frankly I don't care what you call me. After reading my latest blog post I can only imagine I have a few labels already eternally applied to my forehead. So what's another? 

I got together with my blogger girlfriends over Skype last week and what transpired was completely delinquent misbehavior and inappropriateness. Personally, I prefer to call it what it is. Good times. But, I was drinking so my judgement may be slightly off.

I'm posting a link to the most recent Run Barefoot Girl Podcast. But before you get all click-the-link-happy expecting to hear women wax on about their inspired barefoot running achievements, please understand that this particular podcast contains sexually explicit language and subject matter, intoxicated discussion of personal topics and body parts, the unrestrained use of the word "vagina" and very little conversation about barefoot running.

That's just the way we roll when we all get together.

So although we chatted a bit about barefoot in general, this podcast had little to do with running. That being said, this naughty chat was serious mayhem and so much fun to participate in!

So you might want to pour yourself a cocktail first because in order to fully appreciate the flavor of this conversation you'll need some time to chill with a stiff one. A stiff drink, that is. Unless you're a male listener. *grin*

Run Barefoot Girl Podcast #56: Kate and Krista Take Over the Show
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. The only problem is ... I had the cocktail (to be true, some wine), and now, I'm not able to understand english (or whatever the langage you speak is) any more. Hope I find this again tomorrow !

  2. Hahaha! Consider yourself lucky then. ;-)


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