I Hope You've Been Drinking...

...because this post is going to sound totally whacked and a bit like I veered off trail on my run to taste-test some wild fungi. I swear the only fungi I've been eating I found in a box on my doorstep. And it WAS around April 1st...Hmmm. They did look a little out of the ordinary... but anyhoo... the other day on my run my mind wandered for a really brief moment.

It was like I was watching a three second movie play in my head. 

Yeah. Here's the part where ya'll go... "and what species of trail mushroom were you snacking on, Krista???"

OK. I'm just going to say it cuz it actually sounds kinda cool.

I had a "vision." 

I'm pretty sure I was awake and I hadn't consumed any pre-run cocktails.

I must sound totally nuts. 

Anyhow, in this "vision" I was looking down inside myself like I was made of glass and I could see fire in my belly. It was tiny and flickering all over the place like there was wind. I reached down around my waist like I was going to pull my shirt off (not in real life... in my head. Apparently there are no rules about publicly taking my shirt off in my head) and instead of pulling my shirt off over my head I pulled out the flame so it was inside-out and enveloping me like I was a ginormous human torch. My whole body was on fire except that my skin wasn't all melty and my eyeballs weren't all shriveled carbon. I think this whole vision lasted about a couple seconds. My eyes were wide open and I was still running. OK. I know the whole thing sounds so cheesy. 

It also makes me realize something about myself.

I think I need to get more sleep.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Fiyah!!! ok.. I will admit, I am reading this at 2:12 am and half a bottle of scotch at a buddies house, playing guitar hero and having some very deep philosophical discussions... so this makes TOTAL sense! What an awesome vision.. :-)

    1. Dude!! I hesitated about writing about it (I was actually a little embarrassed) and then I thought... well... I've written about my underwear and touching myself so why WOULDN'T I write about this? Ha! So glad someone can appreciate it. Thanks for being my lone reader. :-)

    2. I find some of my most creative thinking occurs when I'm pumping myself up with oxygen on a longer, yet easier run. I've come up with a lot writing and illustration ideas this way so keep getting funky or should I say fungi. It's good for you!

  2. How did you know? I just had a couple of glasses of champagne and that stuff goes to my head fast. So no, you do not sound nuts to me at all. :)


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