A Rogue Race is So Me

Rogue race motivation (minus the Coors/Heineken/Miller)
So I signed myself up for this rogue race. Yeah. The description on Ultra Signup goes something like this:

This is a run without any rules, really. It's the New Year, and time for the 33rd Epiphany Run! FREE!!! Therefore: no T-shirt, no wimps, no complaints. A modest amount of whining is generally considered acceptable. Remember: you get what you pay for.

My friend Pablo talked me into it. Actually, I don't even remember Pablo very well. I met him in New York and well... things were a bit of a blur that weekend. But, we're Facebook friends now and he seems like a decent guy and not one to lead a fellow runner astray, BUT you never know with these sort of races or the sort of people I meet. So, even though things are a bit questionable, I'm always up for an adventure. Woohoo!

Apparently the race is an out-and-back-and-halfway-to-a-road-and-back kind of race. Yeah. They give you a map and let you navigate yourself since the trail is unmarked. It starts at Skyline Gate in Redwood Park, Oakland Ca. There's no timing chips, one aid station, and the marina at the other end has a snack bar. It sounds like a straight shot where you won't get too lost, but I was sort of hoping the marina at the end was more of a bar bar where I could grab a beer, but I kind of doubt that.

I tried to sign up for the Way Too Cool 50k in March, but wasn't picked for the lottery. My waitlist number is something like 336 out of 385. Yeah. That's a shitty place to be waiting in line. Oh well. Unless strings can be pulled by the powers-that-be I haven't an ice-cube's chance in hell.

Although my hips are still not up to optimal running level (I'm still working on mobility stuff) and Seth didn't exactly give me the green light to run this thing I decided that an opportunity to run in an irreverent off the radar race is much more appealing than playing it safe at this point. And the cost for registration *free* fits my shrunken pocketbook perfectly. And I really like the no pressure style that this race seems to support. It sounds pretty laid back and chill. No crowds. No spectators. My kind of race.

So my goal on January 8th is 50k, but whether or not that will happen still has yet to be determined, especially if at the other end of the course is a nice cold beer. I plan on packing my iskiate happy hour just in case.

Funny how I'm still thinking my marathon was a fluke. I really need another nice long run/race to prove it. I need to know if it was just the work of the universe, some miracle, or my own will power to run the distance I did.

That being said, I'm optimistic about this run much in the same way I was before my marathon. My plan is to listen to my body, be mindful with my form, and ultimately have a great time. I'm only going to run as far as my body wants to. And if I decide to stop and have a beer I might just do that.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Good luck this weekend! It sounds like a great race and just right for you. Plus the weather lately should make it pretty enjoyable! It will be great to know that your long distance running success was NOT a fluke!


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