Anyone Up for A Virtual Happy Hour?

Hey girls! Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together for coffee or happy hour? Even virtually? Actually, Merrell is hosting a series of open discussions online about women in barefoot/minimalist running. So here's an opportunity to chat with your favorite barefoot/minimalist bloggers. (I won't presume to be anyone's favorite, but if I made the cut... COOL!)

Check out the schedule below, mix up a cocktail, send the kids to bed (or do what I do and lock yourself up in the bedroom) then grab yourself a comfortable chair and log on to Merrell's Facebook page ( for a little chill time and chat. Hey! Maybe we could share a drink recipe or two! I've got a great endurance happy hour iskiate recipe if you want it. *grin*

I'm really looking forward to connecting with other women who do what I do. I think it will be some fun discussions... that is so long as Kate Kift and I can stay sober enough to not to let things get out of hand. Ha!

So when is this womenalism chill & chat? 
(This schedule has been updated due to the holidays. My time has changed!)

(All times US EST)
1 to 2pm and 7 to 8pm – Emily Snayd

1 to 2pm – Iris Sutcliffe

1 to 2pm – Caity McCardell
1 to 2pm – Katie Kift

7 to 8pm (4 to 5pm PST) – Krista Cavender

1 to 2pm – Shelley Robillard

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. I finally put all those in my calendar! :)

  2. Hey Caity... I just noticed you have me down for the 28th on RBG. Mine's actually on a Thursday as well, the 29th of Dec. I made the mistake of copying from your blog :P hahaha! I forgot everybody's on the east coast so we'll be having a mid morning happy coffee hour! woohoo!

  3. we (meaning ) will be there :)

  4. We are famous for our happy hour iskiate's. :) It stands to reason that it had to be women that created and developed alcohol iskiate. We come up with all of the awesomeness that is found in barefoot running.

  5. I also have visions that it's going to be just the 6 of us, getting together virtually, using the Merrell Chat as an excuse to drink in the afternoon. *laugh*.

  6. Sheesh, those times are not very Euro/African time zone friendly. But I'm glad they'll be on FB, 'cause I assume I can just read them afterwards. Have fun ladies!

  7. kate - haha! Yes. We rock the running happy hour, girl! We have to represent Run Smiley right? Even if it is just the 6 of us!

  8. Tracy - I thought about that with the time zone and all. Half of us are on the West Coast so although it won't be dark over here, it will be a bit early for happy hour. I posted the schedule to the UK group and figured not a lot of people would be able to participate. I guess that's the hard part about having such a global community.


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