Your Questions Answered.

I survived my last race and I'm back to answer your questions. Whew! There were a lot and some of my answers aren't short so here goes...

1. What is the weirdest google search that someone has done to find your blog?
Funny. They're all porn related which really isn't all that "weird" but I found these amusing:

• ladder butt burn
• 38 d pointed topless (Not sure how this one led to my blog... hmmm?)

2. What is your favourite running outfit?
Whatever is clean. Honestly, I don't have a favorite. Lately I've been wearing my bfRevolution tank which I love and a comfy pair of retro-style shorts. In the winter I like to wear cut out knee high socks for fun.

3. What do you wear to bed?
Depends on how cold/hot it is. Lately, a cami and boy short undies.

4. What is your worst bad habit?
I have a habit of forgetting stuff. Usually groceries. I once left about 4 bags of groceries in the back of the car for two days. Recently, I left an entire cart full of bedding and things for my youngest son's new "big boy bed" in the parking lot of Ikea. In my defense though, I was distracted with having to secure the mattress to the top of the van and figuring out where we were going to fit the bed with the kids in the car. Sometimes I feel like I have serious mama brain overload. What I really need is a vacation. *grin*

5. What do you most like about yourself?
Honestly, this is a hard question. I feel like I am constantly trying to improve myself on many levels. I know I'm not perfect and have so many things I could work on from my patience to my confidence, but what I like most about myself is my perseverance. When I get focused on something I don't give up. If I want something I work hard to get it.

6. Were you always this funny?
I never really thought of myself as all that funny. If you knew me in high school you probably would have thought I was a serious bitch. I was a hater in high school and was known to put a thumbtack or two on unsuspecting "popular" kids' seats. I know. It was mean and I'm not proud of that. I don't know what happened to make me so serious and bitchy because in elementary school I remember making my friends laugh by doing totally random impressions of people like President Carter. (I totally just aged myself with that answer.) Now, I've entered a phase in my life where I just don't take myself too seriously. Laughing is my favorite hobby. And laughing at myself is my own best medicine.
Maybe I'm making up for all that seriousness now.

7. What is your favorite childhood memory?
That would definitely be all the time spent at my Grammie's house ("The Property") in the foothills. She lived near a marble quarry and we would go up there often. I loved climbing the trees, and exploring around there. She had an orchard and some chickens at one time. Her house was small but it had this pot belly stove she would put hot cocoa on and keep warm for us so when we were done climbing trees and exploring we would come in to warm up. She once made my brother and I snow ice cream. She built the house herself. Even drove the logging truck up there herself and cleared acres of manzanita on her own. My Grammie has passed on but we still go up there. We built a pump track in the orchard and have "Pump Track Parties" where we invite our friends and my husband's mtn bikin' buds.

8. If you had to choose your child's profession, what would you pick for them (not sure how many you have, but all of them if more than one)?
Tricky question. It would have to be something they are passionate about. For my oldest that would probably be something athletic. He loves sports... soccer, BMX or snowboarding maybe. He really wants to be a ninja, though. Hmmmm. Could be a possibility.

My youngest might be
a great professional tantrum thrower. Seriously, though, an artist or an actor might end up his passion. Too young to tell so far. He's only four.

9. You are spending 7 days on a deserted island with Angie Bee and Kate Kift. You may only bring 3 things. What do you bring?
Oh you know it will be one big happy hour, girl! I won't forget the gin or the wine! And the other two items? Well... if its only seven days then a rescue is implied so why not make it worth it and turn it into seven scrumptious spa days. Not sure this would qualify, but in that case, I would want the other two items to be a cabana boy (for hosting happy hour) and a personal masseuse (you know? I got to stay limber and supple for my upcoming races, right?) Ok. That sounded totally wrong, but most runners will understand. *wink* I'm sure Kate and Angie would agree.

10. Did you always want to be a graphic designer?
No. When I was about ten I wanted to be a marine biologist. Then in high school I discovered photography. I wanted to be a photojournalist and travel to foreign countries. I was interested in war correspondence and documenting stuff like that. Then after my first year of journalism in college I realized this career choice required that I be objective. That I not get involved. Something in me could never stand back and watch/document horrible things happening to people without wanting to help. I don't think my heart could handle that. I immediately switched my major to fine art photography with the intention of going into commercial photography. After my first twelve hour photo shoot I wasn't sure I wanted to do that either, but I knew I wanted to do something related to art or graphic design.

11. If you could only be Facebook friends with 3 people, who would they be?
• My coach and trainer, Seth Kotelnicki - so I could continue to bug him with questions regarding my workovers.

• My friend, Nate Kemp - because his status updates always amuse me.
• My girlfriend, April Barber - so she always knows when happy hour in my garden will be.

12. Would you ever do a naked run?
Probably. Give me a few drinks first.

13. What's the most embarrassing thing you have done?
Holy cow! I embarrass myself on a daily basis! I have a few embarrassing stories. So besides the time I walked out of the women's restroom with my skirt tucked into my panties it might be the time I let my kids bring toy guns and play "bad guys" in the bank. Yeah. I was THAT mom. I didn't realize what I had done until I got "the stink eye" from one of the clerks. I now have a rule: No bringing guns into the bank.

14. How did you meet your husband? 

This is a pandora's box of a question I was hoping no one would ask. So here goes... The question "how did you meet your husband" should really be rephrased to "how many times did you meet your husband". That's because I met my husband "for the first" time many times in my life. I will try not to bore you. Feel free to skip to the bottom.

Setting: Church in first grade.
Circumstances: Some bully was beating on me at Sunday school.
Years later I learned this was probably my husband.

Setting: My high school Tioga Ski Club.
Circumstances: There were a bunch of guys who sat in the back of the bus on the way up the mountain every weekend. They were cool because they skiied out of bounds and did the black diamonds. 

My husband sat in the back of the bus.

Setting: High School Swim Team
Circumstances: There were some great swimmers on the team who were always winning medals. (I, on the other hand, never won a medal, but I won an award for "best improved", which translated, meant I had managed to stop hitting my head on the wall before doing a flip turn from the backstroke.)
The kick-ass swimmer was my husband.

Setting: The photo department at San Jose State University.
Circumstances: I was working the "photo window" while pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography and must have checked out equipment to this guy at one time or another.
That was probably my husband.

Setting: The local photo supply store just off university campus.
Circumstances: Bought some Ilford 11x17 photo paper from some hot guy with long hair. He asked me where I was from and if I was going home for Thanksgiving. I immediately had a crush.
That was my husband.

Setting: 1994 Sheffield, England, January
Circumstances: I needed a place to live for the duration of my art exchange. I took this hot guy's room, but trust me, he wasn't so hot now. He kind of looked like a greasy bum. Come to find out everyone at the art school there looked like a greasy bum. Hmmm.
That was my husband.

Setting: 1994 Sheffield, England August- One of the pubs down the road
Circumstances: I was hanging with friends and I ran into this hot guy from America sitting outside the pub. Turns out he's heading over to Ireland to live indefinitely (that is once he hitched a ride down to London to get his work permit. My boyfriend at the time kindly offered to give this guy a lift)
That was my husband.

Setting: 1996 Santa Clara, CA
Circumstances: I had just got a job at a commercial photography studio. This guy walks in as a paid assistant for one of the photographers. I KNOW I'VE SEEN HIM SOMEWHERE BEFORE!
That was my husband.

Some German food, good beer and a gay bar later (that's another story) the rest is history.

15. What is your favorite sound?
Silence (Hey. I'm a mom. This is something I don't get often)

16. What is your favorite curse word?
Definitely, "CRAP!". I use that word a lot. Usually in conjunction with the word "holy" as in HOLY CRAP! It has the meaning of shit without the vulgarity. Although I prefer to use shit during more extreme circumstances.

17. What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen sparrow?
Is that a swallow or a sparrow? If swallow... is that African or European? Heehee.

18. Would you go out with me?
Wow. This question took me by surprise. I admit that back in my single days I would find a question like this to be both flattering and intriguing. Who am I kidding? I still do! However, I'm in love with an incredible man and currently not looking. Still, this question totally made my day. *blushing*

19. How many point do you give Dirtbag for questions number 3?
Haha! I don't know. Infinite! I'm easily amused and can hang with the crazy British sense of humor, especially Monty Python. Mix some cheesy slapstick in and I won't stop laughing.

20. Would be funnier if the question was about a swallow ;)
Dude knows his Monty Python. Actually, a sparrow is pretty random as well. Ha!

21. When not running, how much of your day-to-day life is spent in bare feet?
A lot. I can't quantify it though. In the summer, almost all the time. In winter, I prefer socks but usually no shoes. I get cold easily.

22. What's the craziest thing you've done while barefoot?
Um. I run barefoot. Most people consider that crazy.

23. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Toast crumbs in the butter. But, now that I'm paleo I don't eat toast and rarely butter so... I need to find something else that peeves me. Hmmmm....

24. What kind of music inspires you (while running or just in general)?
I am a moving target when it comes to music. I get tired of the same stuff really fast. Recently I've started using "Intro" by The xx as my pre-race power song. Its ambient and atmospheric but has this primal undertone that for some reason I can really tap into. Totally amps me up in a calm way.

Other latest power songs: (warning: a few of these videos contain content that is somewhat racy)
Gold Guns Girls - Metric (this is my ultimate barefoot song since its 180bpm)
I only Want You - Eagles of Death Metal (perfect for the gym music, especially while I'm lifting)

Girls Le Disco - Shiny Toys Guns
Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns
S&M - Rihanna

Bottoms Up - Trey Songz (Ok. I admit I've been a little ghetto lately)

Some of my other favorite artists:
David Byrne
Jack Johnson
G. Love and Special Sauce
Lady Gaga
The Ting Tings

25. I was looking at the picture of you standing on top of the big rock. I can't figure out why you feel the need to wear pads to protect your shins when you are capable of toughing it out with your barefeet. Why is this?
Ok. This was my sad attempt at running fashion. Those are knee high socks which I cut out the bottoms of so I could run barefoot. In my defense though, it was a chilly day and this was a way for me to get away with wearing shorts in December while still keeping part of my legs warm. I still wear the knee highs on occasion for fun.

26. Do you use lotion on your feet or do you prefer to let your soles toughen out.
No lotion. Don't really need it. My soles are fine the way they are.

27. Have you ever lived up to your blog name and ran naked (on sharp pointy stuff)?
Well apparently when I was a kid I would leave the house in clothes and come back naked, so yeah, probably. And I'm sure I stepped on all sorts of sharp and pointy things climbing around the hills behind our house naked. As an adult? Only with naked feet.

28. If you were stuck on an island with AngieB and me, how many people would it take to carry us off? (posted by Kate Kift)
A lot! We could use our barefoot running skills to run away with badass speediness, but if our speediness proved to be a little sluggish (afterall, its island happy hour right?) we'd use our wicked fighting skills to launch pineapples at our would-be captors and then beat them down with coconuts.

29.  . . . and if you could have anyone whisk you OFF a desert island who would it be (and NO you can't nominate your husband - that's cheating).?
Any man actor from the cable series, Spartacus would do.

30. Have you won any awards ever and what were they?
I still have a trophy from my first ever 10k race when I was 14. I got first place in my age group. I also still have a Sea Lion Award for best improved swimmer on my local swim club swim team. Really the trophy was for not hitting my head as much on the wall when I did a flip-turn. Then I received various awards for piano repertoires and such when I was probably in second grade.

31. What character from history or fiction would you like to meet?
I would love to meet Andy Warhol. I'll bet that dude was a trip!

32. Where is the one place in the world you would like to visit?
There are so many more places I want to visit, but I would LOVE to visit India.

33. Most embarrassing drunken experience
Honestly, I don't have any good ones. In fact, the ones that were probably the most embarrassing are the ones that I remember the least. I did dance my ass off so much while drunk one time that I ended up literally crippled for days. Actually, that bum hip was one of the reasons I started barefoot running.

. . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. Oh! I messed up the Python quote. I must be punished. Bad, evil, naughty Zoot.

  2. Nice recovery Dirtbag! You have redeemed yourself fully.

    Nice answers!


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