DAY 26 - Another Crap Run

I've been having a tough time running, lately. The kids have been home, the weather has been crud and for the second time in a row the swelling in my left knee started up again today. This swelling renders my left knee achy, heavy and hard to bend. Today, I managed to eek out a 4.75 mile run before giving up to the pain. I started out in my VFFs (which seems to be a recipe for disaster lately) and ran 1.5 miles in them. It was harder for me to run toward the end, but the pain stopped almost immediately when I started walking. No ibuprofen or icing needed this time.

Up until these last two runs I have been pain-free with the exception of a few superficial issues. I was totally OK with that. Barefoot running was working for me. I had my mojo back and was able to log some longer runs. Now, my old ghosts are back to haunt me. I'm hoping its just the weather and the cold. So I'm crossing my fingers. Lets hope its the weather and the cold.

On the bright side, swollen knees and rain have given me a bit of time to work on ideas for my BFR shirt giveaway, though. So I've been like a little elf in my workshop, drinking cocktails and well, drinking more cocktails. But I promise, I will have something to show everyone soon!

Wishing everyone a beautiful, peaceful, and pain-free holiday season!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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