Rockin' Out

Rockin' out in full 80s glam
So its about 1 o'clock am on Friday night and I'm walking through our neighborhood in full 80s glam rock attire. I was all headbanged out, my buzz was wearing off and I was looking forward to barefooting it back home. My friend's birthday party was an 80s glam rock themed costume party. I wore heels to the party, which by the way, KILLED my feet, but completed the look so I sucked it up. Upon leaving the party, I was about a half a mile away from home and I was seriously thinking "Hmmmm. Maybe I can get a much needed barefoot run in." Nearly the entire Rocklin police department lives in our part of suburbia so I usually don't feel too threatened walking or jogging around after hours in my neck of the woods. My big hair was weapon enough to ward off any mugger and the weighted, oversized bag full of a half gallon of cranberry juice and a bottle of vodka (half full) would come in handy if I needed it. But the bag was too heavy for a jog and a good walk barefoot would be just as nice. So I started walking.

I seriously did not expect to run into anyone on my way home but as luck would have it I did. As I was crossing the street I noticed a guy getting into the trunk of his car. He was an older gentleman, maybe in his 50s or 60s and when he saw me he took a double take and just stood there, gawking. Now, a few things come to mind about what he could have been thinking. Its not like I was dressed super slutty or anything, but I did have a sort of "groupie" look going on with the skinny jeans, chains and belts so its quite possible that the word "hooker" could have entered his mind. I did have some big ass hair which had managed to look even more disheveled by the end of the night than when it started out and to top it all off I was barefoot. I sheepishly made eye contact with him and said a polite "Good evening" to which he respectfully responded back, still staring and probably wondering if he was seeing things. I kept walking, the cold sidewalk reviving my feet with a subtle stinging and giggled to myself. Well, at least I just gave someone a story to talk about. Good times!

So I didn't get to run much this week, but am hoping to get one in today sometime. Its been a very busy week for me and its getting more and more crazy every day.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. I so totally object to older 50 or 60. :) :) :)
    OK, I really don't care that much.
    I wish I could have witnessed that scene. So totally funny.

  2. Hahahah! When I say "older" what I really mean is "older than me." Hee hee. It was a funny scene. Probably a little disturbing for our conservative neighborhood.


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