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Speedgoat 50k - I Blame Stupid

I guess I learned nothing when, at 16, my mom lectured me on never giving into peer pressure. Which is funny, cuz I've never been a peer pressure kinda person. In fact, if people are doing one thing I will almost always run in the opposite direction. Literally. Ok. So maybe its because I haven't a clue where the hell I'm going until someone screams "Krista!!! You're going the wrong way!" But, when someone tags me on facebook and tells me there's a party in Utah with the DirtyGirlz which might involve a little bit of running I don't ask for details. Oh hell no. I start packing.

This just happened. Have a peek at the  conversation that occurred on February 7th on one of the DirtyGirlz facebook status updates.

Charito BartlettFebruary 7via ultrasignupI blame my friends. It's gonna be an awesome hike!

Speedgoat - 50 KilometersJuly 19, 2014 - Snowbird Resort, UT
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